Average Sale Prices Take a Dip In April

With an increase in the number of homes for sale priced under $500k, the average home sale price in April eases for the benefit of those buyers struggling to get into the housing market.

With more homes available in Centre Wellington priced under $500k, the average sale price of $503,367 in April dropped pretty significantly from the March’s average price of $559,327. There was a typical increase in the number of homes for sale, and as activity picks up the year to date average time on the market saw a slight decrease from 41 to 39 days. The market remains strong, and pricing is still competitive as there is a healthy balance between the number of buyers and the number of homes for sale.

This is a great time of year for real estate. As you may have already noticed, things start to get a lot more active in the local housing market during spring and summer. There are a wide variety of properties for sale, and a lot of new buyers looking for their next dream home.